Yayasan Nurani Dunia - Nurani Dunia Foundation

Outline of organization
Environmental field: Solid Waste Management; Ecosystem Conservation; Forest Conservation
Year of establishment: 1999
Legal personality: Foundation
Number of full-time employees: 15
Number of part-time employees: 10
Activity areas: Jakarta, Purwakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Pasuruan, Tangerang, Aceh, Poso, Klaten, Bantul, Madura
Address: Jl. Proklamasi No. 37, Central Jakarta 10320
Annual activity budget: Rp. 1 billion
Telepon: (021) 3910579
Fax: (021) 3910579
Website: http://www.nuranidunia.or.id
Career of the organization representatives
Representative's name: Imam B. Prasodjo
Years of experiences: 15 years
Field of expertise: Social
Community development
Conflict resolution
Activities on environmental education
Type of environmental education (awareness, knowledge, attitude, skill, participation): Awareness, Knowledge, Attitude, Skill, Participation
Target environmental field: Forest Conservation
Water and Soil Conservation
Ecosystem Conservation
Waste Management by 3R
On going environmental activities: Community organized, education and awareness of community aroung Citarum River Dam Purwakarta
Waste management and replanting program in Kapuk Cengkareng, West Jakarta and Bonang Pegangsaan Menteng, Central Jakarta.
Replanting at river area in Bukit Duri Tebet and Kebon Baru Tebet, South Jakarta.
Environmental activities that have been done: Micro hydro power generation construction in Kileng, Aceh.
Water System construction in Madura
Environment counseling and hard plant plantation in Purwakarta
Humanity facilitation for natural disaster victim
Target participant (student, civilian, NGO leader, etc): Student
Frequency of activities: Rutin
Target areas: Jakarta, Purwakarta, Tangerang, Aceh, Pondok Kacang, etc
Year of start activities: 2000
Motives and incentives for starting the activities: Natural disaster quite often occurred in Indonesia that made disaster for human life and environment. Besides all disaster, social conflicts also happened in social community. Therefore, it is needed humanity support and recovery community program to grow confidence and gatherers
List of education material: Book
Content of environmental education programs: Public enhancement in four programs: education, healthy and environment, economics, sport and art.
Names and roles of organizations (including position of the person in charge) involved in activities: 1. Yayasan Nurani Dunia: Doing some humanity facilitation program and community assistance
Mr. Andi Muhammad Jufri : Program Coordinator
Mr. Imam Prasodjo : Director of Yayasan Nurani Dunia
Mr. John, Mr. Ariful : Multi Media Campaign and Documentation
Local Team
2. GE Consumer Finance (GECF) :
Participating in community development by doing any program more comprehensive
Result of activities: Yayasan Nurani Dunia, which was established to help human live, has given a lot of humanity activity to natural disaster victims in giving some conservation programs so then the victim can recover in good and independent living.

Besides humanity program, Yayasan Nurani Dunia also organize, educate and give awareness to established independent society that care to the environment, one of the communities is in Pegangsaan Menteng, which is called ?Komunitas Proklamasi? (Proclamation Community). A house is rented as a training centre to make some training plan. This training centre is namely ?Rumah Belajar Komunitas Proklamasi? (Education House of Proclamation Community). Since then, conflict among citizens in Komunitas Proklamasi has decreased and almost not occurred. This community is also being well known broadly. ?Rumah Belajar Kominitas Proklamasi? has been visited by women politicians from many countries, such as Indonesia, United States, Philippine, Australia and Malaysia. On 21st October 2005, Karen P. Hughes (Under Secretary of Foreign Department for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs USA) together with USA Ambassador for Indonesia had visited to the community.
Factor contributed to the results: Network capability to broaden social activity and environment education
Government support and private participation

Method to measure results: Monitoring
Difficulties encountered during the activities and way to overcome the difficulties: Lack of awareness from the community
Solution : Field organization
Fund for doing environmental education activity
Way to obtain necessary funds for capital investment and running the organization: Program campaign
Fund support from sponsor

Collection of participation/membership fee: No fee
Payment to training: No fee

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