Yayasan Ekamitra Nusantara

Outline of organization
Year of establishment: 2004
Legal personality: Foundation
Number of full-time employees: 11
Number of part-time employees: 6
Activity areas: Karawang, Bekasi, Jawa Barat and Nangroe Aceh Darusalam
Address: Jl. Kerinci I/12, South Jakarta
Annual activity budget: Rp 650 millions
Telepon: (021) 7254302
Fax: (021) 7254302
Website: -
Career of the organization representatives
Representative's name: Mr. Martin Darmasetiawan
Years of experiences: 26 years
Field of expertise: Construction Water Supply
Activities on environmental education
Type of environmental education (awareness, knowledge, attitude, skill, participation): Awareness, Knowledge, Attitude, Skill, Participation
Target environmental field: Water and Soil Conservation
On going environmental activities: Management of SPAM (Sistem Pengolahan Air Minum Drinking Water Treatment System) in Tunggak Jati Village, Tanjung Pura Sub-district, Kerawang Regency
Management of SPAM in Mulya Sejati Jati Village,Ciampel Pura Subdistrict, Kerawang Regency
Development of village water treatment 2,5 lpd in Wanakerta Village,Teluk Jambe Sub-district, Karawang Regency
Development of village water treatment 2,5 lpd Mandererk Village, Bener Meriah Regency
Environmental activities that have been done: Giving training to IPA (Instalasi Pengolahan Air Water Treatment Installation) Operator
Emergency Response for disaster in Nias, Jogyakarta-Klaten, Land slide in Sinjai
Training of water sanitation with KSR PMI (Palang Merah Indonesia - Indonesian Red Cross) Karawang Branch
Target participant (student, civilian, NGO leader, etc): Rural community
Frequency of activities: Daily
Target areas: Villages with difficulties of water
Year of start activities: 2004
Motives and incentives for starting the activities: To publish environmental books and help casualties of natural disaster
List of education material: Books (10 titles)
Content of environmental education programs: To educate the community on surrounding activity area to become :
IPA Operator ; either small or large scale
Labor for water planning for rural village and city
Names and roles of organizations (including position of the person in charge) involved in activities: Mr. Martin. D : Chairman
Mr. Iwuk SH : Vice Chairman/ Operational Division
Mr. Alizar Anwar : Advisor
Mr. Aris Field : Manager
Result of activities: To be able to provide free water supply for community and offer more job opportunities in water supply business, in addition to increasing community?s awareness of water supply benefit
Factor contributed to the results: Community awareness towards the importance of water
Fund availability
Activities around the village
Method to measure results: Indicator : the volume of water sales in the village
Difficulties encountered during the activities and way to overcome the difficulties: Generally no constraints/problems

Fund for doing environmental education activity
Way to obtain necessary funds for capital investment and running the organization: Sale of clean water products
Environment books
Planning, building and operating SPAM in the village
Collection of participation/membership fee: No fee
Payment to training: No fee

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